Contracting And Trading

:: Expertise
ORIENT has the expertise to provide innovative construction and maintenance engineering solutions and services, meeting project's and clients’ requirements and scope of specialty, applying this expertise to standardized segments of activity, covering a range of construction fields:

:: Mechanical
  • Air Conditioning & Ventilation system:

Air-conditioning equipment & station. Air duct network Chilled water pipes network Ventilation system.


  • Fire Fighting System

Fire fighting sprinkler system (Water - Gas)

Fire fighting pumping & piping


  • Plumbing system

Water supply systems (cold - hot) Sewage & drainage system. Heating system


  • Medical gases and industrial gases distribution systems.
  • Mechanical systems: Laundry, kitchen, boiler, swimming pools ... etc.).

:: Electrical Power systems


  • Security & Surveillance Systems Fire detection systems Closed circuit TV system.


  • Low current Systems Telephone Systems Master Antenna TV. Sound / Public Address Data and Computer System.


  • Main & sub-main distribution boards Motor control center and main circuit breakers Cables, wires and accessories Conduits, raceways, supporting systems and related accessories Earthing and Lighting Protection Systems. Power layout includes: Socket, Switches, Devices, Power Outlets and Isolating Devices, etc.


  • Electrical Lighting systems; wiring devices and equipment ndoor & Outdoor Lighting Emergency & Llood Lighting Lighting System includes: Switches & Devices.

:: Interior Finishing Works
  • Built-in Vacuum
  • Tile Works
  • Insulation and Insulation Inspection
  • DryWall
  • Ceiling Tiles / Boards    
  • Carpenter Works
  • Fixed /Display Furniture
  • Light Fixture
  • Sanitary Works
  • Linoleum    
  • Final Finishing Works
  • Painting    
  • Final Inspection

:: Infrastructure & networks
  • Electrical power and street lighting networks
  • Telephone and communication networks.
  • Low and medium power stations.
  • Water supply and Irrigation networks
  • Storm draining and sanitary networks.
  • Firefighting networks.
  • Water purification and desalination plants.
  • Industrial waste treatment and wastewater collection and treatment plants.